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Reading books – a habit very good. And mold it is desirable, from the cradle. But, even if you are not lucky enough to absorb a love of books in mother's milk, do not despair. Any habit can be formed. The main thing in this process – regularity. So, choose a book. It is important that the first book on the way to acquiring the habit of reading was interesting. So look for subjects close to you in spirit. You can focus on the experience of avid readers and read reviews on books. Set yourself a rule daily to read 3 pages before going to sleep. Sure that pretty soon you will exceed this limit. Preferably at the initial stage of the search to pick up several books at a time. In case the first doesn't impress. Or, when the end of the first, the second should be in range. A couple of months of reading will become the norm. You will get pleasure from the process and give up many hours of sitting in social networks, or in front of the television. You will notice how much easier it became to communicate. Don't have to think about every phrase. Your voice will ring like a trickle. You will be the center of attention in any society, because listening to an educated person is always nice.

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